Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Sincere (and serious) Request

Faithful readers and hopefully people who read my readers' blogs:

Please help my friends Josh and Jenni. Josh and I graduated from high school together and have kept in touch on and off since then. His wife, Jenni, is sick and at Duke University medical center. Because they are both teachers, her sick days are wiped out and he is missing a lot of work to be with her (as a good faithful husband should).

As a way of making just a little bit of income, Josh has started a blog that updates friends and family on her condition. You don't have to do anything to contribute except go to the site. Please, consider reading this blog and making your web traffic a way to help my friends in need. If you would, pass this link along to anyone who would consider visiting the site to help.

Positive thoughts/prayers/meditations are always welcome for them too. I am linking their site in the blog roll; consider donating just a second of your time to help.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March Madness

I know it isn't a "southern thing" but we live, eat, breathe, sleep college hoops in the early Spring, especially during March Madness. No really, I had the Heels on during student teaching! (I hope Dr. Muller isn't reading this)

Macy, because she's the closest thing to a child for us, is learning very early which color blue to wear in the Tobacco Road rivalry.

She tried to chew the jersey and run at the same time; this caused a problem she couldn't seem to solve.

Who resists that face?

Our little Carolina girl!!

Who do you get decked out to see shoot the rock? I apologize in advance for our bias, but we do have diplomas from Blue Heaven!
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Monday, March 2, 2009

Southern Snow!!

Snow has come to the Carolinas!!
Part of me was so thrilled (aww isn't it pretty?) and part of me was annoyed (dang, another school day out; they always take our vacation days when this happens!).

Macy could not have been more excited. In the hours (and hours and hours) of housetraining, Macy had FINALLY picked a spot to "go potty" in the back yard.

However, now it's white. LOTS of white.
So we took her out for some kicks giggles. Chaos ensued.

Redefining "snow angel"

As a child, I always remember snow being larger than life. There was a particular snow storm where (at least in my child-mind) it snowed FOREVER. And we were all home together as a family. Another incident was after my parents' divorce and we had to WALK to the grocery store to get bread and such. Again, it felt like DAYS of survival (and I really have no authorized version of these events save my own).

But then, snow lost its allure in college; the only one I remember cost us power (read: heat and internet) for a day and classes STILL went on (UNC = the University that Never Closes) in spite of it all.

View from our deck

But when the snow started in C-Vegas today, there was no stopping it for hours. Luckily, LCS got the memo about the weather in plenty of time to cancel school. Who knows what tomorrow will bring if the now melting slush freezes?

I cannot wait to hear what my students got into while the white stuff was around. Snow makes Southerners do weird things!

Our one shot at a family portrait. I screwed up the zoom.

Puppy feet!!

What do YOU do when it snows? Share a snow story here!
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Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Princess of the Potty

Housetraining Macy has been, at best, a trial. She's little by breed, so of course her bladder is the size of a peanut. No lie. A PEANUT. Think about that....
Anyway, peanut-bladder here wet her crate about a week ago. So she got a bath. And wrapped in a towel (see above). This is not the actual bath photo, but a photo taken today after she had gone out IN THE SNOW to potty. A puppy went out; a wet rat returned. I had the towel warm in the dryer ready for her :)
Like any little puppy princess, Lady Macy has a pink chew toy. She's 3 months, so according to what we've read she is going to chew EVERYTHING. They even call this her "terrible twos" and that's no joke. We had a spree of accidents this week in the house, but today we've cracked down more on her routine and reward her with tasty treats when she goes outside. It's been a much better training day. She did, however, manage to knock the baby gate down earlier today by chewing it into submission.

One vicious little mess. Doesn't she look tough?

Puppy in a box. Need I say more?

There's nothing like it; I hear it's "training wheels for a baby", but me? And Johnathan? And another human? AND the princess puppy?
It sounds a little overwhelming, but who knows...maybe one day (in the FAR OFF future!). Johnathan's parents have already clearly stated that grand-dogs are not eligible for babysitting services, and that they will only accept human babies (as opposed to non-human babies, which if anyone could produce it would be me...)

Seeing as the snow is coming down here in the South, I may get a chance to post again tomorrow about new stuff going on in Renovation Station. Pictures to follow!

One last thing: I have updated the blog roll and re-titled it. Added are two sites that I insist you check out if you're young, hip and fun like these folks! (Or you're more like me and just wish you were young, hip and fun).
The fabulous Morgan blogs about being sassy, sweet and a Mom all at once (oh and she's SO fashionable, too)
John and Sherry redesign rooms ONLINE. So cool! (And they don't mind if you steal their ideas)

Happy reading! Let me know if you check these sites out. What do you think?
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