Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Sincere (and serious) Request

Faithful readers and hopefully people who read my readers' blogs:

Please help my friends Josh and Jenni. Josh and I graduated from high school together and have kept in touch on and off since then. His wife, Jenni, is sick and at Duke University medical center. Because they are both teachers, her sick days are wiped out and he is missing a lot of work to be with her (as a good faithful husband should).

As a way of making just a little bit of income, Josh has started a blog that updates friends and family on her condition. You don't have to do anything to contribute except go to the site. Please, consider reading this blog and making your web traffic a way to help my friends in need. If you would, pass this link along to anyone who would consider visiting the site to help.

Positive thoughts/prayers/meditations are always welcome for them too. I am linking their site in the blog roll; consider donating just a second of your time to help.


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