Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Things at my school have been a little crazy since we returned from Spring Break. For one, we had an entire day of air conditioning....yes, just one! It seems to be a recurring "thing" each year, but still! My Relay for Life team is 23 (now more like 22) days from our event and are working way hard to reach our goal, and it's making me a little frazzled...

So, to get it off my chest, here are 7 vents that will make me feel better. Most of them school related, but you get the idea.

1. HEAT!! I cannot think clearly when the air in my classroom is so thick that you're practically swimming in it. There's the constant (new to each kid who walks in) observation "it's hot in here". Yeah, do you think no one else has noticed? Trust me, we know.

2. TV/DVD units without remotes. Seriously?! How am I supposed to find the important parts of the video I'm showing (Dead Poets Society) without a remote to guide the disc? Well, if I had other, newer technology..oh wait...I don't.

3. Math. Yes, math stresses me out. We're constantly calculating and recalculating our Relay total because we have some major incentives in the works if we make our goal. So, the "how much have we raised" question comes up more than I like. And when you can't even run a calculator correctly, things don't always add up...literally ;)

4. The Royal Snub. I was at a Relay meeting this week and was snubbed by someone who (I thought) was pretty much obligated to tolerate me; heck, I even thought I was liked (occasionally) by this person. The worst part: it's a relative. When did I become beneath even a simple hello?

5. Good people don't get enough credit (and I don't mean me). There are some really awesome people at my school; there are also not-so-awesome people. It seems to me that the people who really make our school "go" are the ones that no one notices, because things just happen. Do people really just think things happen on their own? Let me fill you in: someone has to do them. Just because it isn't you doesn't mean it's the school "fairies" that do it. Real people give up their time to do things, and those same real people have real feelings. To those people: SHOUT OUT! YOU ROCK! Now back to your regularly scheduled programming...

6. Spring Fever. I've got it; full blown. I'm ready to get OUT of school for the year and enjoy the nice weather. I mean, if I'm going to burn up like I'm at the beach, I'd like to at least be on a beach in my swimsuit with a nice tan.

7. And finally....have I mentioned it's hot in my classroom? Is the heat frying my brain? Possibly. But I can't end this post on a negative; I'm really fortunate to have great coworkers and people to collaborate with on school tasks and otherwise. There are people in my building that I feel are family, and I will sweat it out in what I have coined "The Historic District" of our school (read: the oldest part with things that don't work) if it means I get to work with them. I also have some pretty awesome students, too.

**Takes deep, cleansing breath**

Ahhh, that's better :)