Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Disappearance, Diagnosis, Determination

In 3 parts:

Disappearance: Yes, I disappeared. For 6 months. I know when I do crawl out from under my two jobs and my good relationships and my non-profit work that I usually spin an entire post writing about how I'm going to be better. But I rarely make good on it for too long. So, I'm skipping it. Confession: I disappeared.

Diagnosis: Part of my new personal chaos is a diagnosis of Diabetes. The condition runs in my family and so part of me had known that it was only a matter of time, though I was definitely giving myself 20 more years before I would have to face it. But here it is, and here I am. I've been through diabetes education courses, multiple appointments and I have a good care team and good treatment plan. Right now it involves daily injections and medication but I'm hoping with diet and exercise (ugh!) I can get this thing under control.

Determination: I'm not one to make resolutions in the way of New Year, New Me, or anything like that. However, I am one to set my mind to things and see them through. So, I'm determined to work on myself first this year, more than anything else. I love my family, friends, co-workers and such but this year has to be about my own well being. I cannot do this work without a strong support system and I know I have it. So, I'm going to blog when I can. I'm not going to chain myself to this blog or any kind of writing push this year. I'm going to write when I can, about what I can. I'll post photos of what I can, when I can. When I need a space to work things out, you can count on finding me here. This is not a farewell address by any means, but I'm giving myself a break to work on me. I'll catch you on the other side :)