Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Easter Beagle

Ok, so she's not a beagle, but she's the cutest pup we know! Macy in her bunny ears was a real experience, as you can see Johnathan literally had to hold her down to get her to be still long enough to take this photo. Most of the others are a blur because she went a little crazy trying to chew the ears!
This is our attempt at a family photo. Many thanks to my mom for taking this one for us. Macy has her pig (that was in her Easter basket) as a prop. She is SO much like a baby!

obligatory face shot

Sunday was such a beautiful day. It has been raining so much here we weren't really sure what to do with the sunshine! We enjoyed spending the day as a family and with our parents.

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter!
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Monday, April 13, 2009

Play Date

In light of recent events (our Heels winning the National Championship), Johnathan and I deemed it necessary to make a trip to Chapel Hill to visit campus (and pick up some new paraphenalia). I was SO anxious to get there; the million dollar question was "are we there yet?"!

on campus

One of the best features about Carolina is that the campus is stunning year-round. Spring, however, is the very best time to see just how beautiful the University is. Trees are blooming, the grass is emerald green and photos are prime for the taking!

my favorite shot of the day; he is SO handsome!

We hit Franklin Street and our favorite stores, then had lunch at McAllister's with Ashley and David (yay!). Lunch was after LOTS of photos on campus and shopping at student stores.

a shot of the blooms and the well (and of course green construction tarp)

It was such a good day, I got a little silly with the camera. But we had SUCH a good time that it was totally worth the drive and the money and the standing in lines...

An Easter post will follow, including super cute photos of all of us (and that means Macy face!!)
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Friday, April 3, 2009

Back on Track

Has it really been so long since I last wrote? Almost a whole month? I thought for sure I would get better at this!!

Band season ended last Saturday; it started last July, and had a GREAT run this year. I am super proud of all the students who put in so much time to become successful musicians/performers. Next year will only get better!

I have recently noticed there is a pregnancy epidemic running wild in our area. NO, this does not affect Johnathan and me in any way aside from that we will be welcoming a new niece/nephew into our family when Johnathan's sister and brother-in-law have their baby in October. Along with that pregnancy there are at least 5 more that I can count with the mothers being the same age as us.

I may be getting off track a bit here (my goal was to just do some quick updates) but I NEED to get this off my chest, and after talking with some of my closest friends I think I've gotten what I'm feeling down to something nuanced enough to publish.

disclaimer: this could get a bit personal

I am in no way ready for a baby. Part of me feels like I "ought" to be because of my age and my marital status, stability, etc. I have a career that clearly isn't going anywhere judging by the number of babies emerging, and I'm working on a master's degree that makes me well-positioned for a really great job in the future.

I LIKE being able to go out when I want (we put Macy in the crate and go). I like entertaining, traveling, and not having a whole lot of rules. I LOVE my husband, and before him I wouldn't have even considered children at all. I know he wants children, and maybe someday we will make that decision, but it isn't any time soon.

My biological clock is on SNOOZE indefinitely.

Moving on: Macy is pretty much crate trained (yay!) and has learned "say please" and "shake" (sorta). We love her very much and she is almost a grandchild at my mom's house, which causes much amusement and frustration all at once.

Johnathan and I had tickets to last Sunday's Jeff Dunham show in Asheville, NC. Talk about hilarious! The show was definitely worth the drive, and the cold, and the late night. I also managed to score a super cute skirt and shirt in the mall before the show. That's a win-win.

us before the show started

I know this post is a bit of a hodgepodge, but I want to close with one additional thought: