Sunday, May 17, 2009

May, May....raining away!

In the high school realm, the most exciting event of the school year, maybe even better than graduation, is the P-R-O-M. For weeks, all I hear is dresses and makeup and hair and nails and dates and tuxes...ahhh! But really, it's kind of exciting to see my students all dressed up and excited :)
I had the good fortune of attending 2 proms on the same night. Johnathan and I attended the prom at my school in the early evening, then I accompanied David to his prom as part of a band vote that I wasn't allowed to miss it! Apparently, one of us isn't allowed to do anything without the other. Good thing Johnathan agreed to it.

I got to bring my own prom date!

Prom number 2

I know you can't really see my dress in these photos, but it was awesome. I intend to wear it to a wedding rehearsal this fall

My mommy and me! Mother's Day 2009

Something cool that happened on Mother's Day this year: Cameon graduated!! My parents and I went to Boone and spent the day at a jazz brunch followed by her Commencement. We are all SO proud of her!

It matters not what kind of face my brother makes, Cameon is still one of the most beautiful girls I know. I cannot wait for her marriage to Wes! No matter, she's already my sister to me!

In other news, I can't wait for the school year to end and get some vacation time! I'm hoping to visit Ashley soon (maybe even before exams are over) in Hilton Head to shop for cocktail dresses for her wedding weekend. YAY!

Another update coming soon as we try to work on the backyard to make a fun outdoor place for Macy. The only problem is that the rain WILL. NOT. STOP. Let's hope spring pushes the rain away soon!
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