Sunday, October 26, 2008

An overdue update

Whew! Time has FLOWN by on us! It's almost NOVEMBER (fall is my favorite season by far)! But, I must catch up on the end of the summer and some of our latest antics. For my 3 readers, here's what we've been doing:

1. Renovation Station: most of our home projects are on hold for right now until band season ends and the weather (finally) cools. It has just been too hot and the house is livable. We have finished painting the office so our next task will be to start moving the millions of boxes into the house and sorting them. I still have a guest bed/bath to paint before we can start having guests. We hope to resume around mid-November. Johnathan and I will also be hosting my parents and family for Christmas this year!

2. Band: we are moving right along with Marching Band this year. The kids are being successful and it makes the long days and nights TOTALLY worth it. The show is exciting and I LOVE working with band students. I will also be helping with the revival of indoor percussion at LHS this winter.

3. Work: I have settled into the rhythm of school and teaching. My new crop of students is challenging but fun. I really enjoy talking with them and getting to know who they are in order to help them learn.

4. Antics: We haven't done much since our adventure over Labor Day, but that is about to change! For Johnathan's birthday we ventured out to Boone for the day, and we will be in BEAUTIFUL Chapel Hill for UNC Homecoming 08! Excitement!

5. Other: we have actually been discussing a dog...Johnathan doesn't seem to mind what kind we get but he really wants one. We both LOVE beagles but I am afraid that we are too busy for a dog with that much energy! I really like dachshunds too, but I don't know what we will end up with or when. Only time will tell.

Basically, everything is going well and we're having a great time.