Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I can explain!

So um, yeah. I disappeared for a while.
Like a month.

But I am not a quitter! Things are CRAZY busy at work right now with the beginning of a new school year, a new yearbook to publish, and all kinds of new tasks and adjustments since we have a new principal. Things are, for the most part, going really well :)

Johnathan and I spent Labor Day weekend in Durham/Chapel Hill. Saturday we dropped our little dog at the kennel and headed to BLUE HEAVEN for the Carolina opening football game! There is really something about driving into Chapel Hill; I always feel like I'm coming back home. I hope that feeling never goes away. It was a blazin' hot day but we had SO much fun! As we were talking, we realized that it may be the first game we had ever been to on our own without one or the other set of parents. Hmm, and it only took us 4 years of marriage to pull it off all by ourselves!

We enjoyed a nice brunch with Ashley and David on Sunday morning before we did a little shopping and headed to Greensboro to spend the day with Matt and Erin. We had a ton of fun with them, too! I am so happy to see my friends getting what they want out of their lives; there is something very fulfilling about being sincerely happy for someone.

Anyway, I am adjusting to school, adjusting to a new gym routine (like, having one!) and trying to still find time to read and blog. Those last two things, as you may have noticed, have slowed down. This will not last. I will be back blogging more than you can stand before you know it!