Saturday, June 28, 2008

Some "so far" pictures

Ok, so it's looking like it's one thing after another in our new house when it comes to what should be a "simple" installation or repair. Needless to say we are very glad to have my step-dad Steve doing the labor (he's free and his work is EXCELLENT). We all thought the master bath would be finished today (and we're very close) but the sink doesn't seem to be adhering well to the countertop and it doesn't have trim yet get the idea.

So instead, here's a photo of the dining room when we purchased the house. The wall on the left is yellow, but the one in the center is khaki. There is green tile shaped linoleum on the floor and a giant privacy blind covering the doors to the deck.

This is the dining room now: it has hardwood floors and our table and chairs. We also added what I think is a more attractive shade that allows more light into the space. All the walls are a malt-beige; hooray for them all being the same color! I have also purchased a chandelier for this space that I hope we will be hanging soon.

The dishes are set on the table for two reasons:

1. They're pretty: I love chocolate brown and a blue or teal trim. These dishes are by Laurie Gates and I got them on sale at Dillard's (even the placemats and napkins!).

2. We have beautiful casual and fine china from our wedding and I'm still searching for a china cabinet/hutch to display all those wonderful gifts, so they aren't even in the house yet!

I'm so excited about the changes we are making. It's very hard work (and some of it Johnathan and I can't even do because we don't know how), but it is well worth it. We are on our way to a beautiful home!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Beginnings of a Home...

Johnathan and I are very excited about our new house! It already feels like home and we have only been staying here since Memorial Day. There is a lot to do inside and we are making progress. I hope to post a before/after of each room as we complete it. As soon as we hang the chandelier in the dining room it will be finished!