Friday, October 30, 2009

For your amusement

While Johnathan and I are out having a fabulous weekend in Greensboro with Matt and Erin, please enjoy this website as a diversion:

Cake Wrecks

It's exactly what it sounds like: cakes gone (very) awry. I found the whole thing hilarious! Please enjoy and leave me some comments about what you found funny :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall 2009

Disclaimer: my dog ate (chewed) my photo adapter card, so no photos with this post. Seriously, things like this happen to teachers on principle.

September September brought us the rainy Apple Festival where it rained exactly long enough for all of us to get wet at the band performance and by the time we marched them back to the truck, the rain stopped. For the day. Until 3pm. Sick. We had one band competition where it also rained ALL. DAY. This one became an indoor affair, and we did fairly well (and dang do we sound HUGE playing in a gym!). In short, September was one wet month.

October has been a little (not much) less wet but just as eventful. Johnathan and I have a new niece, Savannah Patricia Reep. I was also a bridesmaid in Ashley's wedding and what a fun time we had! I will post photos later when I recover a new adapter for the memory card ;) We also celebrated Johnathan's 25th birthday this month.

Ikea invaded our home this month too as we FINALLY have a gorgeous china cabinet for all of the dishes we received as wedding gifts and I have created my own work space in the office with a beautiful glass top table, which I will also post photos of eventually (thanks, Macy!). The Ikea invasion will continue with a new table and chairs before the holidays. Hopefully, we'll be hosting and entertaining often very soon!

Things are moving right along; this weekend we are off to Greensboro to spend some time with Matt and Erin (and I will be haunting the Ed McKay for used books for my students as usual). We hope you and your families are safe, warm, and above all else dry (because it's raining as I write this)!!