Friday, April 3, 2009

Back on Track

Has it really been so long since I last wrote? Almost a whole month? I thought for sure I would get better at this!!

Band season ended last Saturday; it started last July, and had a GREAT run this year. I am super proud of all the students who put in so much time to become successful musicians/performers. Next year will only get better!

I have recently noticed there is a pregnancy epidemic running wild in our area. NO, this does not affect Johnathan and me in any way aside from that we will be welcoming a new niece/nephew into our family when Johnathan's sister and brother-in-law have their baby in October. Along with that pregnancy there are at least 5 more that I can count with the mothers being the same age as us.

I may be getting off track a bit here (my goal was to just do some quick updates) but I NEED to get this off my chest, and after talking with some of my closest friends I think I've gotten what I'm feeling down to something nuanced enough to publish.

disclaimer: this could get a bit personal

I am in no way ready for a baby. Part of me feels like I "ought" to be because of my age and my marital status, stability, etc. I have a career that clearly isn't going anywhere judging by the number of babies emerging, and I'm working on a master's degree that makes me well-positioned for a really great job in the future.

I LIKE being able to go out when I want (we put Macy in the crate and go). I like entertaining, traveling, and not having a whole lot of rules. I LOVE my husband, and before him I wouldn't have even considered children at all. I know he wants children, and maybe someday we will make that decision, but it isn't any time soon.

My biological clock is on SNOOZE indefinitely.

Moving on: Macy is pretty much crate trained (yay!) and has learned "say please" and "shake" (sorta). We love her very much and she is almost a grandchild at my mom's house, which causes much amusement and frustration all at once.

Johnathan and I had tickets to last Sunday's Jeff Dunham show in Asheville, NC. Talk about hilarious! The show was definitely worth the drive, and the cold, and the late night. I also managed to score a super cute skirt and shirt in the mall before the show. That's a win-win.

us before the show started

I know this post is a bit of a hodgepodge, but I want to close with one additional thought:


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