Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March Madness

I know it isn't a "southern thing" but we live, eat, breathe, sleep college hoops in the early Spring, especially during March Madness. No really, I had the Heels on during student teaching! (I hope Dr. Muller isn't reading this)

Macy, because she's the closest thing to a child for us, is learning very early which color blue to wear in the Tobacco Road rivalry.

She tried to chew the jersey and run at the same time; this caused a problem she couldn't seem to solve.

Who resists that face?

Our little Carolina girl!!

Who do you get decked out to see shoot the rock? I apologize in advance for our bias, but we do have diplomas from Blue Heaven!
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MelissaRustemov said...

excuse me.
may i remind you who won the acc tournament?!


yummmm at my boys:)