Monday, March 2, 2009

Southern Snow!!

Snow has come to the Carolinas!!
Part of me was so thrilled (aww isn't it pretty?) and part of me was annoyed (dang, another school day out; they always take our vacation days when this happens!).

Macy could not have been more excited. In the hours (and hours and hours) of housetraining, Macy had FINALLY picked a spot to "go potty" in the back yard.

However, now it's white. LOTS of white.
So we took her out for some kicks giggles. Chaos ensued.

Redefining "snow angel"

As a child, I always remember snow being larger than life. There was a particular snow storm where (at least in my child-mind) it snowed FOREVER. And we were all home together as a family. Another incident was after my parents' divorce and we had to WALK to the grocery store to get bread and such. Again, it felt like DAYS of survival (and I really have no authorized version of these events save my own).

But then, snow lost its allure in college; the only one I remember cost us power (read: heat and internet) for a day and classes STILL went on (UNC = the University that Never Closes) in spite of it all.

View from our deck

But when the snow started in C-Vegas today, there was no stopping it for hours. Luckily, LCS got the memo about the weather in plenty of time to cancel school. Who knows what tomorrow will bring if the now melting slush freezes?

I cannot wait to hear what my students got into while the white stuff was around. Snow makes Southerners do weird things!

Our one shot at a family portrait. I screwed up the zoom.

Puppy feet!!

What do YOU do when it snows? Share a snow story here!
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Ashley Lindsay said...

I drove on the treacherous, snow-covered roads. It was terrifying, but beautiful.

And a Hummer plowed into a small SUV and destroyed it. Thankfully, no one seemed hurt.

But yes, driving in snow = terrifying. Yay for getting home safely in my trusty Camry!