Saturday, March 17, 2012

SOLSC: Road Block

I've hit the wall.
I cannot for the life of me come up with anything to write about today. So, I suppose I'll just write about not having anything to write about; that's what I tell my students to do when they get stuck.

It's not that I haven't done anything today; in fact, I got off the couch and had brunch with my family to celebrate my brother's 24th birthday today. My husband and I took off and did some shopping at Concord Mills and I managed to find some fabulous deals. For some reason, though, I can't seem to find anything "slice" worthy today. I don't feel very focused on any one element or detail. I think I'm just so relieved that I finally feel mostly human again that I can't think of anything special.

I know the Slice challenge is about finding something in everyday life worth writing about; I know each entry doesn't have to be particularly newsworthy. I'm thinking now that I'm putting too much pressure on myself to write something catchy, flashy or engaging. Isn't this more about process than product? I know I tell my students that regularly, that I'm interested in their process, but do I mean it? For some students the idea of them developing a process is a huge victory; many of them like to just write the first thing that comes to mind and call it a final draft.

Even though I don't have much to say today, this process is helping me observe the world a little better for a potential Slice story. Tomorrow is another day.


Betsy said...

You made it past the wall, it can be hard some days. It is on those days that getting the slice done and posted is a relief. Yes, tomorrow is a new day where a new slice awaits!

Ruth said...

Realizing that a day full of stuff can still leave you without a topic for writing was a huge bit of learning for me in last year's challenge. It changed my work with kids who "had nothing to write about". But you are right that working through the block is part of it...that, and faith that something will come along tomorrow! Thanks for sharing your experience. :)

elsie said...

You didn't write about nothing. You did write about happenings in your life. That's a slice. Don't worry, you will find your slice and it will flow from your fingertips.