Friday, March 16, 2012

SOLSC: Recovering

I am sure I sound like a total whiner, but I am still just NOT. OVER. THIS. COLD. And it comes and goes in waves; which is even more annoying because I start to feel better and overdo it then crash. But I'm surviving, and this brought me to a list of things that have gotten me through this ridiculous, hellacious congestion-fest:

7 Essentials for the (Lingering) Common Cold

1. Puffs Plus with Lotion: I cannot say enough about how these have essentially been my saving grace when it comes to my poor little nose. I basically feel like that girl in the picture and couldn't deal with the incessant nose blowing otherwise.

2. A sick day: I would not have been able to truck it through the other 4 days of the work week if my doctor had not literally told me I couldn't go to work on Tuesday. When you doctor says "slow down," you listen!

3. Something to read: Right now I'm reading Lauren Oliver's Pandemonium at work during out independent reading time in the classroom and at home I'm reading A Million Suns by Beth Revis. It's nice to disappear into a world where you don't focus for hours on end on the pressure in your head or when you need the tissue box (again!).

4. A fuzzy blanket: I have two of these at my house- one on the couch (where I have practically lived all week after school) and one that is on my side of the bed because my husband keeps our room pretty cool and I like to be snuggled up under it. The texture of it is so important to me because it makes me feel at home in some way.

5. Fluids, Fluids, Fluids: With this cold I can't get enough to drink. Part of that comes from the prescription meds my doctor gave me for the asthma flare I had earlier this week, but since I'm off those now I'm still thirsty like whoa! I've been drinking mostly bottled water but some sugar free lemonade too, like Crystal Light, for flavor.

6. iPhone: I know, right? What? In the last week I've found out I'm getting a new nephew and my best friend from college and her husband welcomed the cutest little girl into the world. So, without my iPhone I wouldn't be connected to them seeing as I'm certainly not going to go and infect them with the germ fest living in my head.

7. A sense of humor: when you have to call the doctor and report on the not so pleasant details of your cold, you have to smile and keep moving. I carried around my own "contaminated" box of tissues and made sure no one got near them. Hey, it was for their own good!

And if I had completed one, I would add a BUSTED BRACKET after today! Sorry Dookies, have a safe trip back to Durham! (I couldn't resist!)

Happy Friday!


Pettit said...

I hope you rest up over the weekend and that Monday finds you feeling so much better! I found your list funny since I am fighting a cold too! Feel better!!!

SueB said...

The last time I had a red-nosed cold, a salesperson in the store recommended Kleenex Cool Touch. They are almost moist and so soft. Rest up and feel better!

Debbie said...

A good list of necessities. . . And, yes, an iPhone!

Linda at teacherdance said...

It's certainly a real slice of life when one has a cold-tissues and blankies included. I hope the weekend finds you better. It's nice you had such good news with the new and coming babies.