Thursday, August 4, 2011

August 4, 2011

Today is our 4th wedding anniversary. Johnathan and I were married 4 years ago on a blazin' hot day in Lincolnton:
We had a beautiful ceremony surrounded by family and friends. I will always cherish that day as one of the most special I have ever experienced. And 4 years later he still likes me, too!
Our gift to ourselves this year were 2 lawn seats to the Maroon 5, Train and Gavin Degraw concert on August 2. We had SUCH a great time! The music was absolutely incredible; I couldn't believe we were at a live show! Neither of us had ever really been to a bonafide concert before so it was a good experience all the way around. We sang, danced and had so much fun!

Johnathan thought Maroon 5 was the better act, but I disagree. Train was AMAZING! Both groups are really really good and just released great albums. I think the lights and set for Train's performance put them at a slight advantage over Maroon 5. But, have you SEEN Adam Levine, the lead singer for Maroon 5? Definitely something to look at ;)

We had such a great time :) Definitely a great way to spend an anniversary date night!

Tonight we had a quiet dinner at home and just enjoyed each other's company. I know that we didn't do anything all that exciting for our anniversary, but sometimes it's nice to just be able to enjoy the company of another without the need to entertain or be entertained. There's a feeling of comfort that isn't complacency. I couldn't be more content. We have had 4 really great years of marriage and know that we have many more ahead. I am so grateful to have married someone who is my partner and my friend. I know there is much happiness ahead <3

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