Wednesday, July 27, 2011


*sings from Rent*
That's how you measure a year.

I've moved right along to the age of 27. In celebration (mourning?!) I'm making a list of 13 things to be happy about at the age of 27 :)

1. I'm in a happy marriage with the most amazing and supportive person I have ever known.
2. I will NOT be attending any graduate school next year!
3. I am starting my 5th year of teaching (and my colleagues ROCK)
4. I have read LOTS of books in the last 12 months and acquired more than I read.
5. Johnathan's last colonoscopy was clear; no cancer here!
6. I attended my brother's beautiful wedding :)
7. Acquired: MacBook Pro
8. Traveled to New York to see the many, many sights including a show on Broadway!
9. Seeing the last of the Harry Potter films, completing my streak of seeing them all in the movie theater
10. Finishing The Hunger Games series
11. Watching the students I've taught for 3 years graduate last May (my babies!)
12. A new school year is on the way and I have lots of exciting ideas
13. Books, books and more books!

I LOVE celebrating birthdays, especially my own. But, I really can be incredibly vain about getting older and worrying about my looks and how people perceive my exterior before they get to know me. I guess we all feel that way sometimes, but after making this list I'm feeling much better about what's ahead for me. The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades!