Thursday, August 4, 2011


In which my inner nerd comes blazing out!!

Ok, so just when you thought my anniversary couldn't get any more exciting, there's this! I spent part of today while Johnathan worked driving up to Morganton to a book signing. This event, part of the ash2nash tour, featured some awesome YA authors (from L to R):

Beth Revis, author of Across the Universe
Myra McEntire, author of Hourglass
Victoria Schwab, author of The Near Witch
Michelle Hodkin, author of The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

These 4 authors talked about their books, answered audience questions and signed all of our copies of everything!! I had a copy of the first three books listed here; Michelle Hodkin's book has not been released but I cannot wait to read it! All of these ladies were very warm and down to Earth. It was such an incredible experience and I honestly cannot say enough nice things about these writers :D Oh, and go buy their books!

My inner geek may have been on the loose, but it was SO worth it! I could not have asked for anything more today :) Thank you to these 4 amazing authors!

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