Wednesday, March 9, 2011

SOLSC Day 9: Christmas in March?

I was beyond excited to see the box on the front porch today. Inside, I knew, were new adventures to be taken, new emotions to expose, new worlds to explore...
Today was a book delivery day.

I have to say, Barnes and Noble gets it right with their online pricing, even though the shipping process frustrates the mess out of me. I ordered brand new hardcover books for my classroom library (once I finish them, of course!) and got a great deal. Here's what my students and I have to look forward to:

Hush Hush -- Becca Fitzpatrick
Before I Fall -- Lauren Oliver
Beautiful Creatures -- Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl
I am Number Four -- Pittacus Lore
Sing You Home -- Jodi Picoult
(this one will probably make its rounds among my colleagues in the English Department first!)
The Maze Runner -- James Dashner
Revolution -- Jennifer Donnelly

Super excited about the stories ahead! I have a ton of reading to do!


storiestoldinstickfigures said...

You have some great reads there!! Many of those are in my stack right now! Maze Runner is our choice for One Book, One School, and our kids LOVE it. You better get your hands on the sequel ASAP!

Mrs. Schoonover said...

So much fun! My son just finished
"I am Number Four." He said he liked it as much as The Hunger Games. I have started it, but have not finished enough to give an honest opinion. My son and I both read Maze Runner and loved it. (Pretty scary for me, though.)

teacherdance said...

I agree with both earlier comments. Maze Runner was really good. I'm envious of your books; it's hard to find the time to read all I want to read. Please tell me about Revolution sometime. I've heard it was wonderful. I loved her earlier book, Northern Lights.

Lindsey Lea said...

I actually just finished A Northern Light last night, and it was so wonderful! The biggest problem I'm having right now is figuring out what to start reading next...though judging by the feedback here it's looking like Maze Runner!