Saturday, March 5, 2011

SOLSC Day 5: Back on Track

One of the things I struggle with in a writing challenge like this is finding interesting topics to write about. Part of my 101 in 1001 list is to respond to creative writing prompts. So I went to this site and moused over a few of the prompts. The one I've chosen today is about rainy days, which fits today's weather.

10 Things to do on a Rainy Day:
1. Sleep!
2. Read a good book, like Jennifer Donnelly's A Northern Light (the one I'm reading now).
3. Watch tv on dvd, like Bones, Mad Men or Weeds.
4. Blog!
5. Shop online (my favorites are Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Old Navy)
6. Burn candles and enjoy the scent
7. Scrapbook, because I'm so far behind that I may never catch up at this rate!
8. Cook fancy dinners with lots of ingredients, especially if it's a new recipe :)
9. Play silly video games with my husband like Wii Sports and Just Dance
10. Write a poem about how much I dislike Duke:

There's a school in Durham with a funny smell
I think it's part of Dante's...well,
They wear the ugliest shade of blue
There's a lighter shade, and it's prettier, too!
8 miles from Durham there's a quaint little town
It's named Chapel Hill, and there I found
A wonderful school and new friends for life
Hey, my husband even found his wife!
Seriously though, this Dook place, it stinks
And don't trust me, EVERYONE thinks
That if you get the choice, and you have to choose
The finest shade is Carolina Blue!



Ruth said...

So--the list is great, but the poem! I really, really like the poem! Makes me want to write one about my boys in black and gold...even if they did disappoint me mightily today.
Hope to see more poetry from you over the course of the challenge.

Anonymous said...

I like the poem too - it caught be by surprise after your list!