Friday, March 18, 2011

SOLSC Day 18: Friday Happies

If you haven't noticed yet, I'm a bit of a list maker. Today, I'm sharing with you 7 Friday happies:

1. "Blow" by Kesha. Seriously, any song that involves the line "throw some glitter, make it rain" gets my approval!

2. Margarita grilled chicken from Chili's, accompanied by (what else?) a margarita!

3. Warm Weather! So excited for flip-flop season, I rocked a black sleeveless shirt and khaki bermuda shorts to dinner tonight and wasn't cold on our way home. Woohoo! Bring on summer!!

4. Books-a-Million, where I found Lauren Oliver's Delirium for 50% + 10% off! Bonus: used the money I saved to buy the third Forest of Hands and Teeth book.

5. Peanut butter fudge milkshake from Cookout. Delish! And besides, I worked out this week :)

6. The #fridayreads on twitter. I love reading about what other people are reading; it always leads me to something new!

7. CAROLINA BASKETBALL!! The Heels put Long Island University away with a 15 point margin tonight. Go, Roy's Boys, Go!

What are YOUR Friday happies?

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