Thursday, March 17, 2011

SOLSC 17: To my brother

To my not so little brother on his birthday:

Today you are 23 years old. Holy crap. That makes me feel really old! I can't believe either of us are so far along in life, and look at well we've both turned out! Who would have thought the girl who cleaned the slide and the boy who wore gift bows on his head would end up as fully functional adults? Haha!

I'm sure I don't say it often enough, but I'm proud of you. You and I both have experienced so much in our lives that we didn't want or ask for, and yet you stuck it out, even when the preschool teachers had to pry you out of the car. Oh, I wish I had photos of that.

I will never forget your obsession with Joe Montana, the famous 49ers quarterback. You had enough red t-shirts with the number 16 in white on them to last you a solid week. Everything was all about Joe, and that phase lasted until you got hooked on the (then LA) Raiders. I think you even had a school picture made in a Raiders polo! You painted your room Raiders gray (in two, maybe 3 different houses), and that was only because Mom wouldn't let you paint your room black!

Do you remember your love for Pluto (the dog, not the former planet)? Or Eeyore? I do. And I remember wondering if you would ever grow up...and you did. Way too fast. Then you went off to college, stopped cutting your hair for about 3 years, and somehow managed to convince a very pretty, very nice girl to stick around this family for a while...and then forever.

So now, little brother, you're a college grad. You have a full-time job. This is your last birthday before your wedding, and I think maybe after that ceremony I'll consider you a real adult...for a little while!

I want you to know that Johnathan and I will always be there for you should you need anything or want some advice. We both want you to be successful and will help in any way we can. We're family; that's what we do.

Happy Birthday, Wessie Poo. I hope this has been the best one yet. I love you.



Anonymous said...

a great toast to your sibling

Susan said...

How time flys...both my babies all grown up. So glad we stuck it out together. Love you! Mom