Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Morning

Come and rest your bones with me
Driving slow on Sunday morning
And I never want to leave
~Sunday Morning, Maroon 5

Some weekends, I go and go and go on Saturday to the point that I am excited about crashing on Sunday. Yesterday was no exception. I traveled with the percussion ensemble where I am an instructor to Duncan, SC for competition. Call time yesterday morning: 8am. When did I get home last night: 11pm.

You can see why this post is today, not yesterday.

Anyway, it was a really long day and both our groups performed well. I was happy to enjoy the sunshine (some people with us enjoyed it too much!) and the many group performances. It was a pretty fun day!

So now, here's to Sunday, which I intend to spend drinking coffee, having brunch with my husband, cheering on the Heels at 12:15 and shopping with my mom this afternoon. I'll be having a much slower Sunday for at least a few hours before prepping for another work week.

Enjoy your Sunday,


teacherdance said...

Saturdays are certainly full for us, aren't they? I'm not in North Carolina, but am now watching the game. Go Tarheels! I liked the way you spoke about your competition. How good that you are with them to cheer them on. Sometimes it's better than basketball, right?

Lindsey Lea said...

Indeed, most of the time I enjoy it much more than a basketball game! It's so great to see them work hard in rehearsal, get better, then perform to their level. Thanks for reading!

Stephanie McCabe said...

Love the new blog theme!!! Hope your Sunday was spectacular...