Friday, March 11, 2011

Knowledge is Power

"Knowledge is power, I know what I know.
The more you learn, farther you go.
Play it smart from the start
You'll be taking a stand
Because knowledge is power
Grab it while you can, Huh!"

This is one of those silly rhymes I distinctly remember singing in elementary school, and I think that statement rings true today, too. And no, I don't just say that because I'm a teacher. Look around, and you can see that people who have the right kind of knowledge also have power over others who do not have it. What I gather from this kind of situation is that those with knowledge, which equates to power, often attempt to wield it over those who do not have said knowledge, or do not know they are lacking, or just don't speak the same knowledge-language as the one in power.

The sad part: when someone figures out that the knowledge isn't either a)legitimate or b)correct. The power structure can then shift or collapse altogether, and where would we be without powerful bullies to push us around because they think they have knowledge we do not or cannot possess? Oh yeah, we're on to you, you with your power-speak. Another observation: who legitimizes knowledge? What gives voice to certain ideas and not to others? Who gets to decide what knowledge can equate to power and what knowledge is for lesser beings?

Knowledge and power do not necessarily go hand in hand always, but in this case it's pertinent because it works with my silly song!

Philosophizing over. Just my musing for the day :)

Happy Friday!

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