Saturday, March 12, 2011

SOLSC Day 12: March Madness

It is no secret (I mean, look at our URL) that my husband and I are graduates of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. UNC has a very special place in our lives, as it is where we met and became engaged. We made so many memories along the way, including being students when UNC won the National Championship in men's basketball in 2005.

March, then, is a time for lots of trash talking and basketball watching. It seems that this month brings out all the Carolina bandwagon-ers (who don't generally bother me) and the ABCers. My students either love or hate me this time of year because I'm a huge Heels fan and talk lots of trash to my blue-devil or tiger or hokie or other team loving students.

Today was no exception in the world of March Madness. In day 2 of the ACC tournament our scrappy Carolina team played sloppy basketball (at best) in the first half and were suddenly revived in the second half. In short, the Heels came back from down 12 to a tie game at the end of regulation; overtime, here we come! In the end my team won, and Clemson was sent home again, as this was the third time Carolina has defeated them this season.

Tomorrow, my Heels take on the blue devils of Duke University for the ACC tournament championship. We are going to have a great family day that starts with the game and then moves on to playing cornhole and enjoying a great dinner. I'm so excited! And yes, there will be photos (hopefully) to accompany this post tomorrow.

Until then, GO HEELS!!

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