Sunday, September 5, 2010

Oh Fall, how I have missed you!

Fall is my favorite time of year by far. There's something about how much time I spent watching football as a kid that makes me long for this season. Oh, and there's that whole band thing that I did in school and continue to enjoy and sometimes find a way to participate in even now.

Who doesn't love this?!

Since we have a 3 day holiday weekend upon us, I got the chance to go to Gardner Webb University last night to take in a football game and the marching band. One of my former band students is playing baritone there now and pursuing his degree in music education, and this was his first home game! We definitely weren't going to miss it, so we set off for the big city of Boiling Springs, NC.

Two teachers, one football game, lots of fun!!

Johnathan, in just one more display of how much he loves me, sent me on my merry way with David for the evening and he stayed home with little dog and did his homework and watched the UNC game :) We enjoyed ourselves so much that we've decided to go back so David can see his Western Carolina football team play at GWU; that's a two for one special. I'm excited :D

Life, overall, is excellent. Here's to the best fall yet!!

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