Sunday, August 29, 2010

You can't make this up

Sometimes, I think everywhere I go there should be a camera crew behind me. I don't say this because I fancy myself incredibly important but because to be honest, it's just bizarre how many funny things happen to me on a regular basis.

Let's start with Friday night; we're calling it "Snakes on the Bus".
I wanted to hang out with David this weekend, and part of being someone in a band director's life is being able to go where he goes if you want to see him between August and April. So I asked him to share his seat on the bus with me Friday night for the game. I met up with him at his school and we boarded the first of two buses bound for Belmont.

10 minutes into the drive (if that), I get a phone call from the other bus. The person on the other end is coughing and saying "Lindsey, there's a snake on the bus" or maybe it was "there's smoke on the bus" or "there's a leak on the bus". No, my former band instructor ears did not deceive me: she said there's a snake on the bus.

And there was, according to the fire department. Not making this up: the fire department was called to fish the snake out of the bus seat where it was living. By the time they arrived, the bus had been emptied and all the kids were standing on the side of the road in the August heat. Otherwise, they were safe :)

The snake that was fished out of the seat was a baby snake, which brought about the logic that if there's a baby snake, there's a momma snake somewhere, too (according to the authorities). Solution: get another bus. From the bus garage.

Enter Sue-zar, Mom of the century!
I called mom from the parking lot where the first bus had stopped to wait for the snake fiasco to be resolved, just because someone other than David and me had to appreciate the situation for what it was (mainly because we were NOT on the snake bus). She happened to be coming right past us at that time, and was able to take us to get the new bus. Thank goodness!!

Eventually, we did get to the game and surprisingly LHS won in a really exciting, back-and-forth battle. It ended up being a lot of fun once we (finally) arrived. I had a really good time with the band students and of course my best friend. In short, Friday was packed with excitement :)

Anyone else need a camera crew around 24/7?

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