Monday, September 6, 2010

An ASU Adventure

Admit it, you love the alliteration ;)

The weather has been stunning here in the last few days, so much that I was almost cold at the football game on Saturday night. Yesterday was another beautiful day so Johnathan and I decided to head to Blowing Rock and Boone for the day to enjoy the weather walking around downtown. My other motive: I wanted a new ASU t-shirt and some kind of alumni identifier since I finished my master's degree in July.

We spent the car ride up the mountain talking about the future, parenting, etc; we don't really get to have many of those important conversations because we are both busy (mainly me), but when we do they are engaging and ultimately bring us closer together. I'm so lucky to have Johnathan as my husband, because he's a great listener and I know he puts a lot of thought into what he says to me, too.

But then again, who wouldn't fall for this silliness?

I took tons of pictures on campus at ASU, and we checked out the new stadium upgrades and wow, it's obvious that 3 consecutive national championships will generate serious revenue!

We walked on King Street looking for the items I wanted, and it was a success :D I now have an alumni decal for my car!
a beautiful day, a beautiful life

We have had a lovely, relaxing holiday weekend, and we're not quite done yet! Today promises time with family and friends (and of course miss Macy), good food and at least one more photo op!

Let me close by saying this: I've struggled recently (and have written about it), but this weekend has been exactly what I needed to pick myself up, dust off the damage and move forward. The people who are in my life are my greatest treasure, even though some of them are far away, and I cannot express how much their love and support means to me. You know who you are, and you know I love you!

Enjoy your holiday!!


Ashley Lindsay said...

I DO love the alliteration!

I'm so glad you had such a great weekend and that it was so refreshing for you! I know the feeling! Love you bunches, my dear!

Amanda S said...

Don't you love those conversations? And the best ones are in the car, with no other distractions. :D