Monday, July 7, 2008

July 4th Antics

My parents did (almost) finish the master bathroom this weekend. Check for a post about it in the next...umm...5-10 minutes! I can't stand to keep it to myself anymore!

In other news, I spent July 4th with my family, my husband and my favorite David. Here's a picture if the two of us on closing night of the LHS production of Grease.

We were shooting fireworks that Johnathan brought us from his work trip, and believe me we know all the safety rules. My mother, David and I were standing on the driveway while Steve and Johnathan shot the fireworks in the field. There was a pretty one that flew into the sky...and some moments later attempted to end my life:

It literally fell right next to me (it actually hit my CR-V). Talk about scary! What would have happened had it caught my hair on fire? I've already experienced a head injury recently (a band trophy fell off the wall and put a bump on my head and caused major embarrassment!), and have definitely had my fill of that.

Later on, David and I got into some mischief with Mom's cement "pet" donkey. It's a garden statue (I guess?) and we have BIG plans for it someday. Look at the terror we caused!

Firecrackers: check!

Obligatory Sparkler: check!

Saturday Johnathan and I went to his family's place on the lake to celebrate his cousin's wedding. An enormous tree had blocked Hwy 150 so we sat in traffic for a while. We killed the time taking pictures (or "cheese" ing as Kayleigh would say)

We had a nice time at the lake and enjoyed our holiday very much. Sunday we bummed around the house and David joined us for dinner and an SVU marathon.

I had to go to bed earlier than I wanted because the Summer Institute of the National Writing Project began at 9am this morning at UNC-Charlotte. More on that in another post later on in the week!

We hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend!

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