Monday, July 7, 2008

The Big Reveal: Master Bath!!

So here it is, in all its highly anticipated glory: THE MASTER BATH!

But first, you must see the picture before the update (it was truly angelic before we started). Really, there were CHERUBS in the border!

We pretty much replaced everything. We started with gorgeous Carolina blue paint and white crown mold. I LOVE chocolate brown with that shade of blue, so of course we went that route with the other colors. But before that, we replaced the light over the sink.

We put ceramic tile over the top of the shower so the curtain rod wouldn't put holes in the wall.

I also went with a really pretty mocha tile for the counter top, and a new sink. We are putting new knobs on all the cabinets but we want to stain them first so that isn't quite done.

Another view of the counter, and if you look in the bottom right corner of this photo you can catch a glimpse of the ceramic tile floor.

The blue towel on the counter is by Biltmore for your Home. We went with this brand when we got married in Giver Green and Ivory. We still have those for the guest bath but wanted Tavira Blue and Satire Tan (you can see the color palette through the Belk website) for this room. They are super soft and pretty durable.

You may laugh at this next one, but we also bought a new toilet for this room. I like its design, and it is so-called "high performance" (no suggestions on the meaning, please!). You can see the tile floor better in this one and the baseboard we installed.

Let me know what you think about our new bathroom! Once we get the cabinets stained, the knobs installed and the shower curtain and towel rack up there will be more photos!

Oh, and happy anniversary to Matt and Erin.


Me! said...

Wow Linds, that looks really good! The tile on the counter made the pre-exsisting cabinets look awesome! Way to go!

Mrs. R said... really does look great! :) I'm very impressed with the tile...our front bath has a big, wide countertop (the one Mandy and I are standing on in one of the pictures) and I'd love to maybe tile it someday...when we redo the pink. :)

Thanks again for the lovely flowers...your 1-year is almost here too!