Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Living Room

This is the living room when we purchased the house. Again, yellow walls.

The living room is the biggest space in the house. Note: it's hard to take the before photos because of a lack of light. When we were living in the rental, we had one purchase: a coffee table. The coffee table is by Broyhill and has a glass top (amazing!). We loved the matching end tables but didn't have the space (or money) for them at the time.

Big news: we went back to the Broyhill outlet where we purchased the coffee table and found the end tables for $49 each. Steal!! So of course we bought them (2). With the money we saved we also purchased a sofa table, so we FINALLY have a matching set of furniture! Check out these photos of the tables and the living room.

My husband HAD to have a giant television. Please try to ignore it.

The best part about having these tables is that we finally have a place to put our photos. The sofa table is where I'm displaying wedding photos. The coffee table actually has a coffee table book full of photos from our beloved Alma Mater. How I miss Chapel Hill!

We still have a loveseat we haven't moved into this room. I'm also searching for a bookcase, because anyone who knows me understands that a bookcase is essential for my never ending accumulation of books. One of the reasons I love the TV stand is because it has shelving for the satellite receiver, dvd player, etc.

Oh, one more thing: check out the ceiling fan! I LOVE it for this room. It's probably my favorite part of the living room. The assembly on it adventure. Enjoy!



Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful, girl! I can't wait to come see it!

Mrs. R said...

Lindsey, check out my *new* blog...with house pictures. Be prepared, there's a bit of a creep factor in the first post. :O