Thursday, March 1, 2012

SOLSC: Blogger Fail & New Beginnings

I had really good intentions of writing in February. No really, I did!
But I managed to fail (or as my students would say, "epic fail") at doing so. In light of this failure I'm back for the March Slice of Life Story Challenge (SOLSC) for 31 days. Yep, 31 straight days of my rambling.

Let's get started :)

Today is March 1, and I love the idea of new beginnings. Now that I think about it, I think we culturally like the idea of "new" in general. Well, the consumer in us likes new and nice everything, right? Anyway, I think as humans we are drawn to the idea of recreating ourselves into whatever tickles our fancies at a particular point in time. I find the idea of being able to reinvent myself to be liberating, as if I can always start over and try something else, something new. I'm drawn to this idea because I still can't really decide what I want to be when I grow up, because I have so many interests that I want to explore and I don't have nearly the time do so and try to be good at being a teacher, a college instructor, a wife, a daughter and a friend, too! The difference is that I am no longer so overwhelmed with feeling as if I have to be all those things at the most excellent level all the time. I'm only human, and I have to make choices just like everyone else in order to be the best "me" I can.

Sometimes the smallest changes can refresh us and make us feel new again. I know that I feel so much more renewed after a haircut or when I buy new eyeshadow. I know that it doesn't actually change who I am in a fundamental sense, but it reminds me that I can still be anyone I want if I desire a new beginning. This month, I'm going to be a blogger. But more importantly I'm going to be an committed, driven writer no matter what day or month it is, because I owe that to myself.

Here's to new beginnings :)


Ruth Ayres said...

Here! Here! The reason I love beginnings is because I know I'm in for learning. :)
Glad you are joining us,

PS -- When you share your link on TWT, please include it in the reply box, instead of in the "website" field.

Lindsey said...

Thanks, Ruth! I will be sure to do that from now on. I'm sure my enthusiasm caused the mistake ;)

Stephanie McCabe said...

LIndsey...It's funny you write about this today because I did a dream jobs post yesterday. Don't feel bad about not blogging in're totally busy!!