Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fun Times :)

Today Johnathan and I packed up Miss Macy and set off for Greensboro for the long weekend. We are staying with our friends Matt and Erin (see blogroll) and having lots of fun! Today we went to Ed McKay, the used bookstore. Of course, I got a little crazy but hey, I have lots of books for my students to enjoy next year when school starts :) I even picked up a few that I haven't read that I need to get through before I put them in kids' hands.

We had dinner at the Piedmont-Triad Farmer's Market. What? I know, it seems like that would be kind of a strange place to get a meal; however, ingredients aren't the only things you can buy there. Our dinner was at the Moose Cafe, which is the restaurant at the Farmer's Market. On Saturday nights they have a BBQ special and that's what everyone ordered. It was DELISH!!

I am really grateful to have such good friends who seem to be in the same phase of life as we are. It's difficult to come by people who have the same values and the same goals at your same age, and we know how fortunate we are to have them in our lives. Here's a photo of the four of us at my brother's wedding shower back in April. We love you guys so much! Thanks for having us over to play!

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