Sunday, May 15, 2011

Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back.

The title of this post was the theme for our Relay for Life this year. Each year, the Relay for Life in our county finishes top 5 per capita in the entire country for funds raised. My little team, Go JoBe, Go! is made up of family and friends. I'm the captain and am mostly responsible for the fundraising that goes on. Fortunately, I work in a school where people are generous and supportive when it comes to the fight against cancer. At my school alone I was able to raise over $1,100 from a student talent show and a faculty lunch. It's times like those when I'm most proud of the community where I live and work. If you work with me and you're reading this: THANK YOU!!

Johnathan walked his second survivor lap this year at Relay. I could not have been more proud of him for fighting and beating cancer. He's a real trooper, that I know for sure. We had a very relaxing time at the event, hanging out under our canopy and spending time with family and friends. I'm very grateful for such a remarkable organization that helps us celebrate more birthdays. I (shockingly) did not bring my camera along to the event, but we had a great time and know we contributed something significant to a good cause :)

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