Thursday, March 3, 2011


How can it only be day three and I've run out of things to write about?! I think I'm more concerned than I have been in the past about blogging and mentioning anything about work, seeing as this teacher has pretty much lost her job over her blog.

So I guess, then, I'm brought to the topic of teachers' blogging. Should they do it? If they do, can they talk about work? Is anything off limits? Is anything actually permitted? What, then, dictates this teacher "moral code" that people have no issue enforcing arbitrarily? What is it about teachers and some other positions that require this additional set of values and rules that other people who work regular jobs do not have to bear? I'm leaving this here for discussion. The topic of blogging about work has nothing to do with my frustrating day, just for the record.

I just love writing (when I have time) and I think it's an ideal outlet for discussing the things that frustrate us and the things that overjoy us. Writing is a place for us to share our struggles and our victories. Why should teachers, and other people with the additional moral code, be denied that outlet? What do you fellow writers think?

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Stephanie McCabe said...

hey lindsey....i thought you might like this chick's blog. it speaks to the delemma you wrote about tonight. i'm in a big "woops" category. now i have to go google myself and pray!

have fun at your workshop tomorrow!