Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy Macy-versary

Monday, February 14 (Valoween in our family) marks our 2 year Macy-versary. 2 years ago Monday we brought home the sweetest little puppy I had ever seen. She has brought us so much joy (and panic) in the last 2 years that I can't imagine not having her in our lives. Yes, I know she's not a human baby, but she's our fur-baby :)

We also did the traditional Valoween practices. Johnathan bought me a chamilia charm bracelet with beads and charms. I love it because it isn't anywhere near complete, giving us a chance to buy charms as life marches on and we make new memories. I think sometimes I'm more drawn to the sentimentality that the physical beauty. We also had an amazing dinner at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in the Southpark area of Charlotte on Sunday night, the 13th. The food was fantastic, and the restaurant itself was gorgeous. I really felt like a princess that night!

I cooked dinner on Monday night: Italian baked chicken, pasta tossed with olive oil, asparagus and parmesan cheese, and a loaf of garlic bread. It was also delicious, and far less pricey than our fancy dinner date on Sunday night.

Overall, things seem to be slowing down for me to a pace I can actually manage (woohoo!). I am feeling way less overwhelmed by my job, the yearbook, band stuff, school stuff, and the list goes on. I'm looking forward to finishing up some of those things for good (like school!) this year.

How was your Valoween? Do tell in the comments!

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Stephanie McCabe said...

that's hilarious that you call valentine's day "valoween"! come by my room tomorrow & let me give you this NPR article about the origins of's now my 2nd fav one!! haha.....