Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day Zero Goal #28: 50 things that make me happy

My friend Ashley just did a blog post on the 100 things that make her happy. Which got me to thinking, didn't I have something like that on the Day Zero list?
I did.

So I made my list (in the moleskine journal that is part of goals 47 and 48). Here it is, published for the world (if you read this, you're in my world!):

1. My husband and his unconditional love and support
2. Miss Macy, my sweet little dog
3. Hanging out with my parents
4. Date night with my best friend David
5. The smell of fresh brewed coffee, especially when it comes from my Keurig!
6. Bravo television
7. Organizing a cluttered space
8. A glass of wine after a long day
9. Shopping, especially with Ashley
10. Bronzer
11. Mechanical pencils
12. A comfortable pair of jeans
13. Fireberry lipgloss by Clinique
14. Reading a book on the beach on my b&n nook
15. My wedding rings
16. Glee
17. Spontaneity
18. Baking
19. Making lists
20. My true friends
21. A good conversation
22. Singing in my car with the sunroof open and the windows down
23. The color pink
24. Vera Bradley anything
25. New school/office supplies
26. My camera
27. Discovering a new writer
28. My nieces and nephews
29. My cousins
30. Post-its
31. Teacher Books
32. Yankee Candle(s)
33. My diploma(s)
34. Celebrating little victories
35. The freckle in the palm of my left hand
36. My wedding album
37. The satisfaction of cooking a meal everyone enjoys
38. The potential of an empty notebook or blank sheet of paper
39. Band competitions
40. Mapping out the school year in a planner
41. Sea turtles
42. Vacations
43. Academic Achievement
44. Music in all its forms
45. Chapel Hill, North Carolina
46. Black and White photographs
47. Scrapbooking
48. Knowing I am loved for who I am
49. Waking up next to Johnathan every morning
50. Chasing my dreams

1 comment:

Ashley Lindsay said...

Yay! I love shopping with you, too! We're old pros at that! :) Thanks for chatting today, love. :)

Love you!