Monday, July 5, 2010

An (Un)Eventful 4th of July

I've heard it said that we make plans and God laughs.
True story.

Johnathan and I had plans to spend the July 4th holiday in Atlanta, Ga. My friend David was going to be there for AP training all week, so we thought we would join him there for a few days and have a sort of mini-vacation. We had some financial setbacks that prevented that trip, and I was sad to tell David we wouldn't make it to ATL after all.

Instead, we decided late Thursday night that we were going to spend the holiday weekend in Greensboro with other friends. Let me stop here and say a little bit about this, because I know you're thinking who cares about what you did this weekend or when you decided it?!

I am a planner. I live by calendars and deadlines and plans. I like to know well in advance what's going on as much as possible, and I don't like unexpected events that could have been planned. Disorganization drives me crazy in my classroom and in my life. The chaos that sometimes surrounds my husband's family due to the sheer number of them can put me into a panic attack in no time.

I would have planned our trip to Greensboro for days. Worked on a plan for meals and spending and such. Instead, we packed the car, we left Macy with my mom and we left Friday afternoon.

I cannot even begin to say how enjoyable and relaxing the trip was. No traffic on the way or on the way back (interesting by itself since I-85 was a disaster area all weekend...guess no one used I-40 but us). We stayed up late geeking out playing Beatles Rock Band and catching up at a pub downtown. Saturday we slept late, shopped a little, took in a movie and grilled out back at the house where we stayed. It wasn't hectic, there were no plans.

It was just lovely.

In the world where we live today, there is so much uncertainty and conflict. I'm beyond thankful that when it comes to the precious friendships I have, there is neither.

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Mrs. R said...

Glad to be of service, love! We had a great time too! :)