Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Stealing from a colleague..

In my profession, stealing is completely acceptable in terms of activities and lesson ideas and general know-how. Today I'm stealing an idea from colleague on the English hall and fellow writer over at Box of Chocolates (see the blogroll).

We are SO close to the end of the year, so I think in this post I'm going to do 5 stressors and 5 smileys about the end of the school year:

5 Stressors
  • The seniors thought it was a good idea to paint the spirit rock like a KKK member.
  • I'm out of copies on the printer/copier on my hall.
  • NOW the kids care about their absences and tardies...where were they the rest of the semester when I hassled them about it?
  • Three students had to go to the office first thing this morning because they won't stop throwing things in my classroom...they've been mistreating another teacher in the building for weeks and I am NOT her.
  • I have to get grades finished, attendance reconciled, appeals filled out, sit on the attendance committee, AND finish my product of learning for grad school by June 3.
Whew, that felt good :)

5 Smileys :D
  • I have managed to keep my room in some sort of order in the chaos that has been the transition into my new role as yearbook adviser.
  • I feel that overall the school year has been a success.
  • Senior awards day and Senior picnic = a fun Friday this week!
  • 3 day weekend, thank you Memorial Day!
  • The end is in sight!!
I'm feeling pretty good today, and the kids are tame aside from this morning's incident. Thank goodness for an AP who isn't afraid to dish out punishment!


Ashley Lindsay said...
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Ashley Lindsay said...

I guess it's not allowed to throw things back at the kids ... too bad! :)

Yay for the end being in sight! I really hope we get to see each other soon! I'm sorry it didn't work out for me to get down there this weekend. It would've just been too tough to drive that much in such a short span of time. But we'll figure some time out before our trip for sure!

Have you had any ideas about where we should go? I had some friends suggest Charleston, but I know you were just there.

Love you!

Stephanie McCabe said...

yea for summer!! and alice cooper was on american idol last night singing my anthem--school's out for summer, school's out forever!!! haha..