Sunday, March 28, 2010

Reasons that I love my husband

A little sap never hurt anyone, right? There are so many things I love about Johnathan and I'm feeling like making a list of them right here as part of my writing (almost) everyday:

  • He's cute, even when his hair is a mess first thing in the morning.
  • He sees the beauty in our everyday life, even when I don't.
  • He doesn't think I'm crazy and he isn't ashamed of me.
  • He's one tough cookie; he has dealt with his colon cancer like a champ :)
  • He doesn't do jealous, but he does do protective.
  • He makes me laugh, smile and cry (sometimes all at once!)
  • He pushes me to be my best.
  • He gets a geeky grin on his face when he's talking about things he loves, or when he's plotting some kind of surprise
  • He will be an amazing father one day
  • He loves me in spite of who I am
  • He packs my lunch for work every day
  • He lets me watch my junk television on weekends when we're home together

I love you Johnathan!

1 comment:

Smart Ass Sara said...

Now I'm jealous. My hubs cleans puke and poop but really- if he did HALF of what your hubs does- I'd be thrilled. :) Lucky lady!