Tuesday, March 23, 2010

And already an epic failure...

So I resigned myself to writing every day for a month. And already, I've blown it.

I wrote my inspiring "I'm going to write" pledge, and then went completely silent for DAYS.

Sigh. Can I get a do-over?

Maybe working on this through National Blog Post Month (NaBloPoMo) will help keep me accountable on a Ning. Who knows? I'm already frustrated. I don't want to give up, but at times I don't feel like I have anything to write about.

And then, I tell my students that's an impossibility. I tell them to write over and over on their papers "I don't know what to write. I don't know what to write..." with the knowledge that inevitably they will find something else to write to break the monotony. Maybe I should try my own tactics and strategies instead of whining.

I have a lot on my plate right now: trying desperately to finish my grad school internship, getting my act together for the principal's add-on program I want to join, worrying and taking care of Johnathan, oh and there's that pesky teaching thing I do for 8 hours Monday through Friday. I should probably take care of that, too ;)

I ran into an old friend from high school over the weekend whose blog I follow. It was so nice to see her and talk for a few minutes. We have both had personal struggles and have commiserated somewhat online, but it was nice to see her face to face, even if it was just for a few minutes.

I think maybe tomorrow's topic will be my rant about high school and growing up. Because tomorrow, I will write again :)

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Stephanie McCabe said...

writing's fun, even though you and somer don't believe me....

write on thursday!! ;)