Saturday, December 26, 2009

In short: Christmas 09

Christmas in the 'Ville was W.E.T.

As in, pouring rain and "sorry your wrapping paper is soggy." Ick.
Overall, it was a good day despite the disgusting weather. We enjoyed the day with both families and while the time together was great, we were exhausted by the time we were finished. I can't believe we spend almost a full month waiting and decorating and baking and shopping for this one day. It's incredible (and tiring!). However, it's totally worth it to be with the ones we love on such a special day.

But life does go on...
There's something soothing about digging your house out from under the clutter that is Christmas. We gave out all of our gifts but 2 yesterday, so down with the tree and the stockings, the cards, the candles, the all went back to its happy place or bin or cabinet :)

We hope you had a fantastic holiday, too! I'm working on a post for New Year's, so check back for my 10 goals for 2010!!

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Smart Ass Sara said...

Thank you! I put my Christmas junk away today and I have gotten nothing but crap for it. I'm so over Christmas. Tonight I have to haul all of the bins out to the garage. Well- hubs will probably do it while I cheer him on from the couch eating my chocolate cookies. Yum.