Sunday, February 15, 2009

Meet Macy!

Macy on her first walk around the neighborhood

This is the cutest dog, EVER.
We named her Macy (yes, like the parade. She was born in November). Her AKC registered full name is Carolina's Lady Macy
She's a quiet dog but has tons of energy. Macy likes to play with her hedgehog chew toy and cries at night when we put her in the crate (we think she's afraid of the dark!).

Macy is very friendly and likes to meet people on our walks and our trips to Petco. She is a spoiled rotten little puppy with a cute pink harness and an engraved ID tag that says "Diva" (but her real name is on the other side).

After her first trip to the groomer

The two loves of my life

Giving kisses!

We are super excited about this new adventure in our home. We also know that she is a LOT of work. Just last night we were up 3 separate times with her crying to be let out of her crate. Hopefully the walk today wore her out so she will sleep tonight! She's also done really well at going outside to potty and gets lots of love and treats from us. We haven't had a dog before so any suggestions are welcome about training, care, etc.
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Ashley Lindsay said...

She's PRECIOUS!!!! I can't wait to meet her!

Really, she's so cute. :)

The Cash Family said...

I'd be glad to help in any way I can. I've been around a lot of dogs and have a house full of animals, hehehehe!

Morgan said...

AHH! I am in love with her! such a cutie. :)