Saturday, January 31, 2009

Musical Design

One of the neatest parts of having your own place is that you get to decorate it. One of the most difficult challenges of having your own places is that you have to decorate it!

I don't fancy myself a designer (no matter how much Bravo I watch). And while I think I do ok with choosing colors, I fail miserably at choosing wall hangings and such. Johnathan and I have been very fortunate to receive great wall hangings as gifts from friends and family.

Christmas was no exception. This last holiday I received a gift from David that contained these music notes with phrases on them. I have always really liked these sayings but never seemed to find them displayed in such a way that appealed to me for our house.

"Dance like no one is watching"

"Sing like no one is listening"

"Work like you don't need the money"

The final one on the end says "Love like you've never been hurt"

A few nails later another wall in our house is decorated. I displayed these in the living room so they can be viewed from the kitchen cut-away. This was such a thoughtful, beautiful gift! I love how the words are displayed in such a unique way, and of course the shape expresses my own love of music. I have no idea where David purchased these, but my best guess is maybe a place like Kirklands. At any rate, they are just fantastic!
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