Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A month has passed...

Since my last blog.

Don't fret; I have not abandoned the blog! Things are very busy at this time in the school year with the semester switching over, meaning for me 3 new classes of students in 2 new subjects (one I have never taught before!). I have started my 2nd semester at ASU and our percussion group is entering its competition season.

We had SNOW here in the Metropolis of Cherryville last week (on Inauguration Day). Before it melted (at noon), I managed to snap some photos of the house and the yard with a nice dusting of white. This is the best shot of the set.

Here are two photos of the (newly finished) guest bedroom. It's kind of hurting for furniture and decor. I'd really like to get some framed prints for this room at some point. However, the fact remains that this room is ready to have occupants!

The guest bathroom is painted and the tile is down on the floor. We have some sweeping and cleaning to do before I hang the shower curtain and towels to get the room ready to take photos.

I hope to do more blogging in the days/weeks ahead. I want to do more sharing about the products I buy, the books I read and the (silly) adventures my husband and I have as newlyweds. 2009 is shaping up to be a good year!
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Ashley Lindsay said...

I'm packing my bags and headed to Cherryville! :) I can't wait to come visit! We'll have to figure out a good weekend to come. :)