Monday, December 8, 2008

More Updates

I have filled up our kitchen space with my grandmother's kitchen table that is doubling right now as a buffet-type server. There is now a place to display our formal wedding china on a plate rack. I also took the same baker's rack that was in our rental (it was my aunt's) and painted it a glossy black (it was green). It was almost like getting a brand new piece of furniture for free!!

In the background of this silly photo, you can see the Christmas lights. I hope to have a more formal Christmas photo done in the next week or so for card-sending purposes. We were SO happy that day!!

The MASSIVE tree we have this year. Last year we were taller than the tree (and neither of us are that tall!). So, I'm definitely making up for that this year. We have lots of gifts under the tree for friends and family and that makes this time of year even more exciting!
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