Monday, December 8, 2008

Visual Cues

FINALLY!! I loaded some photos to Picasa (via Google) and have managed to "trick" blogger into loading my photos without having to go through the whole posting process. So, without any further ado, some new photos of Christmas decor...the images are small, but at least viewable!

The holidays is one of my favorite times and least favorite times of the year. It's been an amazing experience to decorate our own home this year. In fact, rumor has it that my family may actually be coming to our house for some Christmas fun! I can't wait!

I heart my Willow Tree Nativity. Johnathan and I have been working on getting it together for 2 years now. It looks so great on our sofa table!

I was really concerned that we wouldn't have a place to put our stockings this year because of our lack of a fireplace and therefore mantle. It was Mom's idea to hang them here over the newly framed kitchen cutout. We love our UNC stockings!

In the world of Renovation Station, we have FINALLY painted the guest bathroom. It's sage...and gorgeous! Johnathan did a great job getting the painting done so quickly (1 afternoon!).

We also furnished the office after Thanksgiving. It's so nice to have a space to work and have some quiet (or music) to work without so many distractions. It's a bit of our homage to our beloved Alma Mater. You can almost hear the sound of Charles Kuralt's voice...

I am SO excited about what's happening around here. Another post coming soon!
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