Saturday, July 12, 2008

Details and Demolition

A few more details in the master bathroom make it totally FINISHED! I am so excited about having a full room in the house completed!!

A much anticipated towel ring makes this space look like we live in it. This shows a better picture of the light fixture also.

The rug matches our blue towels. The cabinet has been stained and I added new knobs to the doors and drawers.

And what's a gorgeous bathroom without a great shower curtain? This shower curtain is from Bed Bath and Beyond

I dressed up the dining area with some drapes from Target

Demolition has begun on the kitchen counters!

testing out the glue

the tile we have for the counter is not what's being "tested"

The counters had a 1inch face that we removed around the edges. The formica on top will be removed as well. Good things are happening!!

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Anonymous said...

So so nice! I can't wait to see the totally finished product. Love the bathroom!