Monday, March 5, 2012

SOLSC: What's in Your Bag?

If you asked my husband he would tell you that he fell in love with me because I was more likely to wear jeans and a tshirt or hoodie around him than get dressed up. What he meant was that I am comfortable in my own skin without the need to be a "girly girl" all the time. The truth is that I'm a late bloomer and didn't make it to my girly phase until after I started my career. I am full blown girly girl now, that's for sure! a Anyway, one of the distinguishing marks of any woman is her bag. I have an addiction to both purses and shoes, and I have always been one to carry too much stuff that I don't need. So I'm letting you get inside my purse with this "what's in your bag?" post. 1. The Wallet - a full size purple fossil wallet containing my credit/debit cards, checkbook and a little cash. Also in my wallet is my all-important Barnes and Noble educator card, good for 20% off anything I purchase for my classroom. 2. The Cosmetics - there are so many! All of them are by Clinique, my favorite brand: a pressed powder compact, lip gloss and lipstick in Black Honey, a chubby stick in pink and a tube of superbalm in Fireberry. 3. Burt's Bees lip balm and a small jar of Carmex 4. A travel pack of Kleenex 5. A playbill from "The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told" 6. A bottle of Peace Love and Happiness tanning lotion and goggles for the tanning bed 7. My Nikon handheld camera 8. All of my keys!! 9. My teacher ID on a Carolina lanyard 10. Coupons for Gap, Old Navy, and New York and Company 11. Body Spray and Hand Cream in Dark Kiss by Bath and Body Works 12. My iPhone, which also serves as calendar, planner and lifeline, music source 13. Cheap sunglasses, red with leopard print detail I think our bags and their content reflect our personalities in some way. Mine shows some of the things I value: art, music, beauty. I think my list makes me sound vain in a way, but then I remember that I value my body because I want it to reflect my care for myself on the outside. Well that and I like feeling pretty ;)


elsie said...

I have to have an extra coin purse thing (came free with a previous purse) to hold all my shopper cards, gift card, and punch cards. That part of my purse is out of control. The rest is pretty common stuff, minus make-up stuff. Don't really do make-up.

Stephanie McCabe said...

I'm not sure I've ever told you my philosophy on pocketbooks, but here it is:

A purse is like a man: it's hard to find the right one, and everyone has a better one than you! haha...

My bag, though, has my Nook -- that I've been using more lately

But..when I saw this on Pinterest the other day, I immediately thought about you!