Sunday, March 11, 2012

SOLSC: Movies for people who like books

Today I purchased my ticket to see The Hunger Games. I am SO excited, and a little wary, because sometimes the theatrical version of a loved book just doesn't come out the same. I'm thinking particularly of the Twilight film. I say film because I saw the first one and was DONE. The makeup was awful, the lighting was awful and I just didn't love the books anyway. I think my beloved Harry Potter series set the bar entirely too high.

But this got me to thinking about books that became movies and why I like some and not others. I know everyone has their own taste, but here's my top 5 book to movie hits.

It's a Book, It's a Movie, It's Both!

1. The Harry Potter series: I absolutely loved every minute of these films. While some are partial to the main characters Harry, Ron and Hermione, I am so very fond of Alan Rickman's portrayal of Snape. He really balanced the cynicism, anger and loyalty that makes Snape the unique figure he is.

2. The Notebook: This one holds a special place in my heart because I read the book on campus at UNC in the library between classes, and saw the film as one of my first real dates with Johnathan. We consider it "our movie" because it was the first time we saw a film as an actual couple instead of friends who both really liked each other and were trying to hide it :)

3. Capote: Phillip Seymour Hoffman became one of my favorite actors after I saw this film. In Cold Blood is a fascinating read in (gasp!) non-fiction.

4. Forrest Gump: Who could resist this film? I will confess I saw the movie first (to be fair I was 10 at the time of release). However, I did go back and read the book and loved it just as much as the film. Now that I think of it, I can't believe it has been so long since that movie was released!

5. A Time to Kill: Matthew McConaughey's closing statement is so incredible I'm giving you the video here. It's compelling and heartbreaking and so, so powerful.

What are your favorite books that became good movies?


Ruth said...

Ooo--good question! I go to very few movies, but like you, am a big fan of Harry Potter and To Kill a Mockingbird. I'm going to have to give this one more thought. Thanks for posing this question!

Pam said...

I think some movies almost become separate from the book. HP movies to me were good, but still pale in comparison to the book. Movies like To Kill a Mockingbird and Gone With the Wind are high art on their own without the book.

Chandra said...

I LOVE this idea for a post. I will try not to write a novel in commentary. :) (I'm a movie junkie, but my booknerd self trumps that every time.)

I'll agree on the efforts of the HP series--as good as could possibly be done, with the exception of #6. (I pretend they hit budget issues and never filmed it. It's better that way.) And fantastic casting all the way around. (Richard Harris, we miss you.)

Lord of the Rings falls into the same category: a really masterful job, and the few moments I have of questioning their choices are outweighed by my overall wonderment.

Big Fish: the book and movie take some separate paths, but I love them equally. (Okay, I love the movie a BIT more... Ewan McGregor is hard not to favor...)

Jane Eyre: I have been hunting for a movie which satisfies my love for the book. So far, no dice--I have sginificant issues with those I've seen so far, sadly including the 4-hour miniseries...